Zen mind-body alignment for inner peace and self-realization in the 21st century. 

Aim beyond the standard “well-being” in life and transform yourself with a strong grounding/centering from martial arts movements and meditation. Raise your consciousness. Attain who you truly are. 

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About Myoku

Based on Zen, Myoku is in a unique mind-body alignment to help you shift your consciousness and experience the extra "ordinary" in your daily life. You are already complete. Open your mind to feel it, develop your inner peace, move beyond duality, and be aligned with your life mission. 

Do not limit yourself to “well-being” or “I am fine”– go beyond and transform yourself to live in Oneness. Live in the new consciousness. Live to thrive. Do not simply survive. 
Myoku is offered as coaching/training (1:1, or 3 participants max.) through programs with a set number of sessions. Programs are based on developing the unity between Mind and Body to make them vibrate on the same frequency. Knowing one’s “Self” starts here. Develop (1) grounding/centering, (2) fluidity of mind and energy, and (3) cultivate your chi. These 3 pillars help you reconnect with your “Self” and set you on the path to self-realization. We use martial arts movements and katas from Kyokushin karate & tai chi, and practice Zen meditation with specific breathing techniques. 

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About Viviane Casimir, Ph.D. 

Viviane is the founder of Myoku© and has been a member of the Kwan Um School of Zen (USA) for several years. Her Zen name is Myong Oh. She is 2nd Dan in Kyokushin Karate (IKO) and earned a certificate in Tai Chi Chuan from New York Shaolin Center. She is also a Usui Reiki master with a background in kinesiology. 

Viviane has a Ph.D. in Comparative Literature and a B.S. in Biology. She has taught at university, worked on Wall Street in NYC where she developed Myoku. She has published many articles on meditation and spirituality with online magazines such as SivanaEast and a few novels based on Zen and fantasy available at Amazon. 

“Everything starts with Who Am I?” says Viviane who started her journey a long time ago. After seeing the benefits and transformation in her life by practicing Myoku, Viviane wanted to help others start their own journey to self-empowerment by being aligned with their true nature / Self. Viviane gave Myoku workshops in USA, Canada, France, and Norway. Everything Viviane does and writes about is to inspire others and help people transform on their journey to self-realization. 

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Start Your Journey 

The 21st century brings a new way of life, a new paradigm that highlight the necessity to reconnect with our true “Self” for a better world, a better planet. Be part of the conscious evolution of humanity. Develop grounding/centering and chi to shift your consciousness and experience the extra "ordinary" in your daily life on the path to self-realization. Start your journey now! 

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