1. Zen Meditation in Action

Part One:  In the ambiance of music and candles, learn to move in harmony with the four elements of Earth, Water, Fire and Air, as you become aware of your breathing and movements. Discover a new realm of time anCIMG1236d space as you explore your inner reality from the microscopic perspective or “sho” to the macroscopic or “dai”.  Feel connected on a profound level and peaceful as you move in a rise-and-fall cycle of yang and yin.

Part Two:  With a new consciousness, bring together all opposites in one powerful cosmic dance called Myoku kata.  All movements are already learned separately in Part One.  Now, we bring them together to feel the natural flow of energy and move with full control of our gravity, fluidity and chi.  This workshop specifically focuses on learning the Myoku 32-steps kata. You are required to have already taken the previous workshops.

3 Saturdays–Spring 2015 TBD  / from 10:00am to 12:30pm / $150.

2.  Quantum Experience & Peacefulness

Gravity: This workshop focuses on developing a grounding and centeredness beyond the ordinary. The first step is knowing yourself, which means developing your own sense of gravity and energy state-of-being.

In a quantum perspective, gravity is not about concept-energyjpgmass/weight but about energy.  Develop the natural power of your body and mind and take a quantum jump:  mind and body should vibrate as ONE.  You will learn to be in touch with your “self” and expand your consciousness of time and space in a Zen-Warrior way.  It takes time to develop a complete shift of mind, but this workshop will put you on the path.  Start your journey to self-discovery and develop powerful grounding and centeredness in mind, body and spirit.  We work on stances and breath, and on braking concepts that you take for granted.  Big changes in life start with a simple change of consciousness

 2 Wednesdays–Winter 2015 TBD  / from 7:00pm to 8:30pm / $90.

3.  Develop Chi for Harmony and Strength

Everyone has heard about chi, yet chi is still viewed as a “myth” or abstract concept.  Chi is quite real and fundamental everywhere from a grain of sand to a nebula.  Chinese medicine and Qi Gong actually see three types of chi:  in nature, such as the wind, trees, rocks, and rivers; in the universe, such as the pure energy that transforms into different states; and in humans, which is visible through energy centers in the body and as a flowing “sensation” in our limbs that can sometimes be felt as a spinning wind inside of us.  So, let us “demystify” chi in order to truly feel it and find harmony and strength in ourselves.  Cultivating chi will benefit you on all levels of your life, from health to spirituality, since the ultimate goal in cultivating chi is to align yourself with nature and the universe.  This workshop gives you the tools to bring your chi “alive” through a series of exercises and basic Qi Gong movements for a daily practice.  The workshop is not enough for you to fully control your chi, but is certainly a great start.  Remember, the more you practice, the more you will see beneficial changes and results.  Welcome to Myoku!

Saturday–Winter 2015 TBD  / from 2:00pm to 5:00pm / $90.


4. Stretching Mind-Body: Being in the Now


Fluidity: Experience a Zen-stretch of your mind and your body, as you would stretch a Zen bow… go beyond tTape 2he ordinary view of life and reality to reach your deeper self.  I welcome you to your own personal inward journey. Within that physical and mental stretch, you enter the NOW as a powerful state of mind or gateway to consciousness.  Feel the unity within yourself as you develop an alertness/awareness through a short series of Zen kata movements and techniques that combine the stillness of the mind with the fluidity of the body-in-motion.  Practicing Yin & Yang breaths with martial arts stances, you align the mind, body and spirit to reinvent yourself and your reality with harmony and peacefulness.  The more you practice the kata, the more you will experience the benefits as you flow deeper into the kata, and deeper into yourself.  The workshop is divided into two sessions (two hours each) with a total of four hours, to give you time to practice and assimilate what you have learned.  Are you ready for a change of consciousness? 

2 Saturdays–Fall 2014, November 15 & 22 / from 10:00am to 12:00pm / $120.


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