Mind- Body Connection

This workshop aims at developing:

(i)  Centeredness

(ii)  Peacefulness  

(iii)  Control of your gravity and chi through basic techniques in Kyokushin, Tai chi & Zen

This monthly workshop is the fundamental exposure to Myoku style and to its basic principles of  gravity, fluidity and chi that build you from the inside out. 

The workshop covers: (i) Yin & Yang breathing exercises, (ii) karate stances/techniques for grounding, (iii) 3 kata for centeredness, building chi and fluidity, and (iv) Zen meditation practices in action.  A snack will be offered.  The workshop is very friendly and is open to everyone, whether you have a martial art background or not.  

Next Workshop:  Saturday, September 14 2013– 2:00pm — 5:30pm / $80.

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