What is Vibration?

Everything is a vibration in nature and the universe – including yourself.  Eastern philosophies have always mentioned that truth, but in the West it took quantum physics and string theory to discover it.  Yes, you are a vibration, and you are also made of other vibrations.  Any object from a stone to your body is made of molecules.  Molecules are made of atoms.  Atoms are made of particles (electrons) spinning around the nucleus, and these particles are vibrations in the subatomic world.  In the nucleus itself, other subatomic particles (protons, quark, etc.) are also vibrations.  A vibration is an oscillation of energy much like a wave over the water surface or a sound oscillation recorded on a screen.  A vibration is a movement.

Everything vibrates and moves in the universe.  You vibrate, your organs vibrate, your atoms vibrate, whether you are still or in motion.  Quantum physics studies matter on a subatomic level and it shows that the reality of the subatomic level defies our “objective reality” in many ways:  (i) causality does not exist (a particle can move from one place to another without showing a trajectory to link the places), (ii) you cannot locate a particle except as probabilities of existence – uncertainty principle), (iii) 2 plus 2 do not equal 4 (particles may disappear and reappear or combine themselves into another one – quantum fluctuations), (iv) the observer influences the outcome of the reality he is observing (thoughts, beliefs, intentions, etc. affect the reality you are in); and (v) if there is no causality, there is no timeline except for the NOW.  Consequently, there is a wonderful potential of “recreating” reality in a different way in the NOW of the quantum world.  You are made of atoms and particles, are you not?  Do you realize that you have the quantum world inside of you?  Do you realize the potential you have to recreate yourself? Remember that your mental beliefs and the way you think shape your body and your reality as a consequence.  So, free yourself to reach that quantum power inside of you.  In Myoku, every move, every breath should be made with that consciousness of quantum vibration within oneself.  Re-read that sentence twice.

You are a vibration, so you generate sound and light.  You have a spectrum of energy, a spectrum of light.  Your voice is a vibration, your thoughts are, your heartbeat is, etc.  If you listen to things around you, they all have a vibration.  We interact with each other through vibrations.  You can modify vibrations for the better by changing their frequencies.  “Boosting” your chi is one way of doing it, moving in harmony and flexibility in mind and body is another way.  Is it not time to raise your vibration for a higher consciousness and existence?

A Zen reflection:  Everything is vibration and has a sound-vibration.  Black holes have a sound signature in space; the “om” is a vibration in space / of the universe.  Even silence is not the absence of sounds.  On the contrary, silence is the sum of everything, of all vibrations.  And then, the sum is also a vibration – and in a human consciousness frame of reference, it is a buzzing sound.  Listen to yourself in the NOW.  Do you hear your own vibration, your own silence?