kata–gekisai sho

Regular Classes consist of the practice of (i) Kihon (movements, stances, techniques, etc.), (ii) Kata (a pre-arranged set of movements and stances), and (iii) Meditation (standing and sitting).  Our focus is on the 3 principles of Myoku: Chi, building/cultivating chi and raising awareness of your “self” and your inner power; Gravity, developing centeredness and control of gravity to expand your mind and open your reality; and Fluidity, combining mind and body, breath and movement to create and keep harmony in one’s life.

Kihon are based upon Tai chi, Ba gua and Kyokushin repertoires, while kata are Kyolushin and Myoku.   Training is performed in the spirit of the 4 elements.  Students develop at their own pace.  There is no colour belt system but a grading of Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced through promotions.  I strongly encourage you to read the section on Concepts in Myoku as they explain our philosophy and way of life.

Classes are on Saturdays, from 2:00pm to 4:00pm.  $110/ month. And one Wednesday / month for Tai chi/Qi Gong from 6:30pm to 7:45pm.

Wednesday classes are reserved for special workshops on topics related to mind-body connection.  Please, see section on Planned Workshops.  FREE for regular students.  OPEN to the general public (price varies—see Section Planned Workshops).

Private classes are also available (send email from Contact Section) 

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