Myoku Japanese kanji (left) are difficult to translate in a Western culture and metaphysics precisely because a kanji conveys by essence  a concept not a single meaning, as we – in the west – are used to.  But here is the best explanation of MyokuMyoku is made of 2 kanji brought together.  MYO:  the miraculous, when the ordinary becomes extraordinary (change of consciousness).  KU:  infinity, the universe, the void from which forms are created and dissipate into in order to be recreated (continuous renewing of mind, body and spirit).  Myoku is, then, the continuous transformation of the Self through a personal and spiritual journey – the Zen Warrior Way.  Myoku is not a new style of martial arts but is NEW in its approach to the Art itself:  it is not sport but a Zen mind-body connection training for self-empowerment.  Myoku incorporates kyokushin movements and stances with principles of tai chi, and its context is  Zen philosophy/quantum physics (energy, gravity, vibration). Myoku is also NEW in its goal of training:  we train for self-empowerment and  there is no tournament or sparring class because the only opponent is your Ego, not a human being.  Myoku training is thus reflexive and opens your mind to a new frame of reality. Myoku is based upon 3 fundamental principles of Gravity, Fluidity and Chi (see blogs section). Gravity is to open your mind to the reality beyond what you take for granted and to bring grounding and centeredness; Fluidity is to create a harmonious communication between mind and body in the way you move, exist and think; and Chi is to awaken the power in you and bring unity beyond dualities (Oneness).

Myoku is open to everyone, whether you have a background in martial arts or not.  Welcome!