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Workshop: Developing Chi for Power and Strength

viviane 4 Chi is the fundamental energy in nature, whether in stones, flowers or humans.  In humans, chi is described as Life Force independent from the muscular/body force.  Learn how to be in touch with your chi and develop it from head  →

Workshop: Zen Meditation In Action

mind-body-kihon Discover a new relationship between time and space, and a new connection with the world around you.  Feel peacefulness. Part One: Keep the candles, keep the music but stand up and move in harmony with the 4 elements and control  →

What is Myoku?

Myoku-principles   Myoku-principles Myoku is made of 2 kanji brought together.  MYO:  the miraculous, when the ordinary becomes extraordinary (change of consciousness).  KU:  infinity, the universe, the void from which forms are generated and return to in order to be recreated  →