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Zen Stones as Concepts in Martial Arts

This is Part Two of the Zen Stones Exhibition @ Myoku Center.  These are examples of Zen concepts used in Martial Arts.  A stack of stones is not meant to last forever. So, the concept evolves in time as you  →

Awakening of the Warrior

This is Part One of the Zen Stones Exhibition at Myoku Center.  Enjoy the Zen display of the Myoku stones of Gravity, Fluidity and Chi–the three principles of Myoku. This part is entitled:  The Awakening of the Warrior.  Enjoy, and  →

The 3 Principles of Myoku

Myoku-principles       The Principles:   50% of Gravity / 35% of Fluidity / 35% of Chi In Myoku, Gravity–centeredness is the most important.  Everything else is built upon it.  Everything we do must come from the point of centeredness,  →

The Spirit of Zen Stones in Martial Arts

The Spirit of Zen Stones in Martial Arts  This exhibition entitled “The Spirit of Zen Stones in martial Arts” is to illustrate what Myoku training is about @ Myoku Center.  Myoku is training mind, body and spirit for empowerment in one’s personal and spiritual life.  The three principles  →

Workshop: Developing Chi for Power and Strength

viviane 4 Chi is the fundamental energy in nature, whether in stones, flowers or humans.  In humans, chi is described as Life Force independent from the muscular/body force.  Learn how to be in touch with your chi and develop it from head  →

Workshop: Zen Meditation In Action

mind-body-kihon Discover a new relationship between time and space, and a new connection with the world around you.  Feel peacefulness. Part One: Keep the candles, keep the music but stand up and move in harmony with the 4 elements and control  →

What is Myoku?

Myoku-principles   Myoku-principles Myoku is made of 2 kanji brought together.  MYO:  the miraculous, when the ordinary becomes extraordinary (change of consciousness).  KU:  infinity, the universe, the void from which forms are generated and return to in order to be recreated  →