Myoku is made of 2 kanji brought together.  MYO:  the miraculous, when the ordinary becomes extraordinary (change of consciousness).  KU:  infinity, the universe, the void from which forms are generated and return to in order to be recreated (continuous renewing of mind, body and spirit).  Myoku is then the constant renewal / growth of oneself through training.

Myoku is a Zen mind-body training through martial arts — fundamentally kyokushin karate but with principles of tai chi & quantum physics.  Myoku aims at developing grounding, centeredness, alertness, peacefulness and higher consciousness of oneself.  So, yes, we kick and punch, perform kata, but we also meditate and never forget that the first opponent is oneself with the ego and its limits.  Myoku is not a sport geared toward developing fighters for tournaments / Myoku is a Zen warrior training as a personal & spiritual journey and a way of life.  You do not train to reach the black belt, you train to master yourself in mind, body and spirit in order to reach higher levels of being / existing and living your life.

The 3 fundamental principles of Myoku (gravity, fluidity and chi) are illustrated through the piling up of stones in a Zen fashion to free the mind and be in the Now. 

Myoku is open to everyone, whether you have a background in martial arts or not.