The Principles:


50% of Gravity / 35% of Fluidity / 35% of Chi

In Myoku, Gravitycenteredness is the most important.  Everything else is built upon it.  Everything we do must come from the point of centeredness, point zero, point of pure inner power, stability and unity.  Fluidity and Chi share a part with Gravity and have their own characteristic as well.  This is why they are 35% each.  Chi allows life to flow in you from head to toe and builds power internally, in every cell of your body.  Fluidity is essential in moving from stance to stance, in techniques and in mind-body connection.  You need to be able to shift perspective rapidly; you need to move from Earth to Water or Fire in a blink of the eye without compromising your technique and your inner power.  This is a basic principle that makes a monumental difference in your training.  For an ordinary observer, the 3 categories (3 simple stones) are the same.  However, for a trained disciple, the difference lies within them, not in their appearance.  The challenge in training the Warrior way is to extend this principle in one’s personal and spiritual life.  

Training in the dojo is training in life.  Develop unity and harmony in everything you do, think, and say.