A student said to me once:  “I never realized that I was walking like a dead person before.  Now I feel my body connected to the ground, earth.  I feel like I’m there in consciousness when I walk in the streets. I feel connected.  My mind expands or something like that. Weird!”  I smiled at him as a response, happy to see the change in his gravity – but most importantly in his consciousness.  That is the goal of Myoku training.

I started the wonderful training of Kyokushin karate many years ago, but I always felt that something was missing in my life.  I was longing for a spiritual connection with my deep self and higher consciousness.  Martial arts as a “sport” was not satisfying, but certainly gave me “grounding.”  So, through my personal experience of Kyokushin, my spiritual development in Zen over the years, and my training in internal arts (tai chi, ba gua), I naturally created Myoku, which is a mind-body and spirit training that opens you to a new reality of the NOW and puts you on your personal journey to self-discovery and empowerment.  Myoku is then a Zen physical training, a spiritual journey and a vision for humanity through the martial arts.  It is a Way of Life.

Myoku brings together harmony, unity, awareness of the Now and the 4 elements in every aspect of the training–from kihon (basics) to meditation.  Myoku does not focus on tournaments or sparring but is geared toward helping you develop empowerment in mind, body and spirit as a way to connect you with your true self in your personal and spiritual journey.  The rest is for you to accomplish your mission on earth.  Myoku offers 3 ways to set you on you journey:


  1. a full training of Myoku for those interested in the Zen warrior way of life,
  2. a series of workshops / programs on specific subjects to meet people’s needs and levels of consciousness, and
  3. a personal training adapted to your needs and personal goals.

Looking forward to training with you!