Viviane Casimir (Ph.D.)


Viviane has been immersed in Zen philosophy for a long time and found the full expression of it in the training of martial arts.  It has become for Viviane a Way of Life.  After more than 14 years in the art, Viviane created Myoku, a Zen mind-body connection training. Myoku combines beautifully martial arts with principles of Zen philosophy and Quantum physics to offer a fundamental way of empowering oneself on a personal and spiritual level, and most importantly, to help change consciousness, raise one’s vibration, and start one’s journey to self-discovery. Wherever Viviane travels for workshops, she adapts Myoku training to the environment, the resources of the place and the cultural background as a way to maintain harmony in mind, body and spirit.

Viviane has a multidisciplinary background from science (B.S. in biology) to literature (Ph.D. comparative literature), and a multicultural exposure as well (Quebec, USA, Morocco, France, Norway, Sweden).  Viviane has taught at university for several years in literature and critical theory.  As a professor, she has always looked for ways to bridge theory and practice, and encouraged people to question what they take for granted.  Knowing oneself starts with shaking up one’s ground.  In that sense, concepts and principles of Zen and quantum physics have become Viviane’s pillars in everything she does from writing to training.

Viviane’s work has always been to inspire others.  Myoku has become a way to empower women into leadership and Zen warrior way of life.  Viviane has published academic articles and fictional works as well that aim at raising consciousness, inspiring others and opening the mind to a powerful and fulfilling personal and spiritual journey. She is currently finishing a novel entitled A Walk in the Bamboo Forest and is writing a non-fiction piece on Myoku (the philosophy and the training).  Part of her writing is accessible through the website, and others are currently under publishing consideration.  Viviane also is a Reiki Master, and Second Dan in Kyokushin Karate.

Contact her to learn more about Myoku Center and martial arts training.